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About SARIO Innovation Services

About SARIO Innovation Services About SARIO Innovation Services
SARIO INNOVATION SERVICES - a matching platform of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) interconnecting the needs of its major clients - large investors established in Slovakia - with capacities and competences of the most advanced and innovative Slovak technology companies.
They aim to support process innovations and other corporate R&D activities, as the main drivers to ensure sustainable competitiveness of the Slovak economy.

On one side, the service serves as a sales channel for Slovak solution providers, on the other, it is aimed to innovate technological processes of SARIO ́s major clients.

SARIO fosters process innovation of its clients through dedicated, tailor-made innovation events, which are designed to introduce solutions made & developed in Slovakia to their most relevant representatives.

Within its new service, SARIO leverages its growing C-level network gained during its history of attracting investments to Slovakia, trade development for Slovak SMEs and experience with organizing matchmaking events.

Industry (primary focus): automation, predictive maintenance, quality control, digital factory
Product development: design, prototyping, testing, tooling
Service sector: automation, outsourcing, cyber security, big data and AI, IoT

All of our listed services are being provided free of charge!

Slovak technology companies can in fact innovate global players (based in Slovakia) and that apart from business opportunities they also seek M&A related financing options. For this reason, we are also expanding our services abroad and are trying to broaden the scope of involved Slovak innovative companies (Aviation & Space Industry, Medtech & Biotech, etc.)

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For clients

For Slovak Innovative Companies

For industrial solutions we are looking for Slovak innovative companies, operating particularly in the following sectors: automation, robotization, process or logistics optimization, single-purpose machinery producers, IoT, energy efficiency, big data analysis and artificial intelligence, virtual / augmented reality, digital twin solutions and others.

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For major clients of SARIO

SARIO offers comprehensive and specialized services, ranging from the identification of the issues and innovation potential, to tailor-made offers and consultations in the selection proces of Slovak technology solution providers, to the organization of an innovation event where preselected Slovak companies present their innovative solutions.

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 SARIO provides valuable help in linking big and multinational companies with Slovak small and innovative enterprises. For us, being a small business, it is a convenient way to get closer to bigger companies from abroad. We are very glad for our professional cooperation with SARIO.”"

Martina DrahošováBusiness Development Director, Ixworx

 I am grateful that SARIO helps Slovak innovative companies create opportunities at global companies. It is one of the ways how to provide services from Slovakia with high added value, which pushes our economy to a new, higher level. And not only economically, but also morally and socially"

Michal UkropecCEO, Infotech

 We are very glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with SARIO during several events and business missions. Our company focuses on innovations and at its beginnings it was a start-up. For start-ups i tis always difficult to establish itself on the market and build name and credibility and SARIO significantly helped us in that phase. Agency opened for us the doors of international corporations and arranged meetings which resulted in cooperation with these global companies."

Miroslav HájekCEO, eDocu

 It is also thanks to SARIO´s professional approach that Slovakia managed to attract many strategic foreign investors and significantly modernized its economy. It is immensely important that our country continues to increase its added value in global supply chains and makes the most of its intellectual capital. In order to reach this common goal, AmCham will always cooperate with SARIO."

Ronald BlaškoExecutive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia

 The mission of our company is to be a stable innovation partner for companies that have embarked on the path of intelligent industry. We bring unique technological solutions that are increasingly used also in foreign markets. In this respect, the cooperation with the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) is very beneficial for us, as we feel strong support in foreign activities and international contacts, especially by initiating innovative events and activities aimed at connecting potential partners in the field of innovation."

Boris DuľaCEO and Chairman of the board, CEIT, A.S.

 Slovak companies can bring innovation to global players! In 2018 more than one third of the Slovak solution providers, which participated in our workshops, got selected for follow–up meetings by our major clients. A half of these meetings ended up either with price quotation requests or pilot projects."

Oto PisoňDeputy Director of the Investment Project Department & Innovation Manager, SARIO

 Our vision is transforming Slovakia into a technological and innovative hub, and we also want to be a partner of companies that are considering investments in Central Europe."

Róbert ŠimončičCEO, SARIO

 SARIO has helped us to open many doors abroad as well as to dramatically expand the network of relevant business contacts."

Michal OndrušCEO, RVmagnetics

 The Industrial Innovation Cluster is a very lively entity representing large Slovak corporations, major players with a broad impact on Slovak industry, trade, mobility with a significant impact on the Slovak economy. By combining innovation potentials and the latest trends for business needs and strategies, the cluster is making progress in progress, to which SARIO is also a major contributor, which together with the cluster is a key bridge to start-ups and innovators in corporate soil."

Ludmila ZajkováHead of the Innovation Centre, ZSSK, Industry Innovation Cluster

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SARIO Innovation Services

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